Saturday, March 31, 2001

When I tell people that I am a skeptic, the immediate reaction is usually negative. People automatically associate skepticism with cynicism, close mindedness, or arrogance. It certainly doesnt help that skeptics are always potrayed that way any time they are represented in media. Usually comments like 'So are you a skeptic or do you have an open mind' are found in popular shows investigating 'paranormal' phenomena. This obviously implies that skepticism is the opposite of open mindedness. This is absolutely not the case. Modern day skepticism is embodied in the scientific method, and people who consider themselves skeptics, who voluntary label themselves as such, will always define themselves as merely people who apply the same rational aspects of scientific investigation to all aspects of life. What is really out there, and not just what I think is out there. What really works? Not just what I think works? If I think something works a particular way, let me test my idea against reality and see if nature agrees, if it does not, them I must abandon my belief. Skeptics are usually portrayed as cynics, pessimests, or just ill tempered grouchy old men. I take offense at such misrepresentations, and find trendy tendancy to criticize any kind of intellectual behavior in this country as quite dis heartening.

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Well, I had my taxes done today. Surprisingly, I got money back, I didnt expect to. I am not sure why I didnt, just the general principle of annoying government I guess. Its funny and sad when you think about how much we actually pay in taxes. 28% from income to the federal government. Your employer pays taxes and that is reflected in your income before your income taxes are taken out. Everything you buy has a sales tax, everything you own you paid a sales tax on, and manythings you own you have to continue to pay taxes just to CONTINUE to own them. I call my property taxes on my house and my car the 'you will be allowed to continue to own this' tax. Its not that I disagree with taxes in principle, I just feel that we pay way too much, and the government sticks its nose in way too many things that it shouldnt be and shouldnt be funded by tax payers dollars.

Thursday, March 22, 2001

It is quite an interesting thing, peering ever so slightly into the minds of so many people. There are a lot of people out there, on the web, wondering the streets, craving to make a mark, to externally advertise an aspect of thier personality or two. Blogger seems to be a perfect medium for such things, especially in our western post-industrialized craze for being nosy. All the 'reality based' tv shows, the incredibly unreal 'Real World' and such feed this craving. Now blogger and similiar endevours allow us to read the intricate and most personal thoughts of complete and total strangers. What more could we want?