Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Drug produces faster healing and fewer scars

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10:56 02 October 03

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Initial trials of a drug that reduces scar formation have produced encouraging results. Although the substance still has numerous regulatory hurdles to clear, it is the first of its type to be tested on people. If the drug proves successful, it could routinely be used to prevent scarring after surgery or following serious accidents.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Matus1976's riding corner -

I mentioned in my previous post the possiblity of a cheap, lightweight dual / supermotard style bike to open the motorcycle market in the US up wider. Recently I came across this article Motorcycle Online: The Rise and Fall of the NSU Empire it starts out...

"Lightweight street motorcycles just never caught on in the Americas -- except for a brief time in the late 1960s when you could meet "the nicest people on a Honda." However, in Europe, bikes displacing under 500cc have always been the workhorses, providing economical transportation, serious sport and touring capabilities, and even towing sidecars."

Road bikes under 500cc are few and far between in the US, comprised of the handfull of Dual Sport models under that size. (Including my KLX400), it is a shame that the United States is so motorcycle unfriendly of a culture.

Well, 1 month has gone by, and its getting a little cold to ride now. I have been donning more layers to combat the cold, but its getting tougher. I expect to not be able to ride anymore in a week or two, unfortunately. Either way, I opted for the insurance package where I am uncovered for the coldest months, so come November I will stop riding anyway.

The seat seems more comfortable, but its hard to tell, as the time I am on the bike is much more limited now. I have yet to find anyone who makes aftermarket seats for the KLX 400 specifically, though I have found some custom places. Since I am not sure if I will be keeping the bike next summer, I will hold on off that for now.

My scheduled maintence called for changing the oil and oil filter at 600 miles, I ended up doing it at about 900, but it was hassle-free.

I was playing around more in Lightwave trying to design a good fairing for the bike. First on the right is a famed dustbin fairing on a 1950's v-8 Moto Guzzi racer. These bikes, putting out 50HP, could pull 150mph in straights, while modern races require 150HP to do the same. The difference is in the fairing.

A few spectacular crashes occured, although I am still looking for details on them. This led to their banning in racing, and very stringent requirements being placed on fairings in racing. The motorcycle market is very tuned to the racing circuit, so the fairings present in racing trickled to the mainstream market. There is no reason why dustbin fairings can not be used if proper aerodynamic consideration is taken.

Ill post some design images up with my next update.

- Matus
Well, I just signed up to the Free State Project. This project has me quite excited, living in CT a move to New Hampshire will not be very inconvenient, additionally, I have been working to start my own company and hope to be able to bring jobs to the state, and operate a business in a much more business friendly environment. But most importantly, I want to see some of the libertarian ideals put into action. I am glad that the FSP's goal is a minarchist one, and not an anarcho-cap one, as evident from recent discussions. I am all for a tentative step into the waters, dip my feet in, try it out. If it works out well (and I am confident it will) then perhaps an anarco-cap project might be warranted, perhaps by then one of those floating cities will be started, if not, being annoyed, Ill start my own. I am curious what other members of this mailing list are signed up (I know Mike Lorrey is) and, more importantly, ones that are not signed up, and why they might not be. I am interested in hearing compelling arguments to not sign up to contemplate on my own, not in convincing those not signed up who are sure they do not want to, to change their mind.

The Agreement is pretty reasonable, by signing up you agree to move to New Hampshire within five years of the time that they have 20,000 members sign up. If they never get 20,000 members, then its no skin off your back, and you are not obliged to move. If they do get 20,000, most libertarian minded people will probably be wanting to move there. I am not sure what the repercussions are if you do not move, even though you signed up, I suspect there are not any. Mike?

I would be interested in hearing others thoughts.